Emergence (A Heart Lines Novel, Book 6) by Heather Hildenbrand


It’s a race to save the world—or end it.

After a mystical merging that ties Sam to Hina, the race to save the world is on. With the equinox just days away, and RJ’s magic more powerful than ever, it becomes a race against the clock to find RJ and stop him—before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, in the midst of a battle for the supernatural world, all of the gang’s mundane problems can’t be ignored. Sam’s academic probation is threatened when the merge forces her to miss school, Brittany and Koby are keeping secrets, and Sam’s future is a wobbly, grainy picture that only slightly resembles the life she had planned for herself.

Alex’s problems aren’t any better. CHAS has issued a warrant for his arrest, his truck is still missing, and the girl he loves won’t commit to anything concrete between them when this is all over. But soon, they’ll both be forced to decide what comes next.

Because one way or another, it will soon all be over.



***I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review***

This book was amazing! What a great way to end an awesome series. I am going to miss reading about Alex and Sam as I have enjoyed them and their journey. This book goes through all you emotions from being packed with liveliness, loss, and love.

Sam goes through quite the experience from trying to figure out her bond with Hina to saving the world from RJ / EA. Alex is also going through so much from trying to figure out his magic. What is it about his blood and why can he feel Sam all the time?

Overall, this was an amazing book and series. I do not want to give away spoilers because I want you to enjoy the book just as much as I did. If you have not started this book or the series, I highly recommend you start reading now.

I am looking forward to more work from Heather Hildenbrand.


Rating: 5/5


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