Review: Defiance by Heather Hildenbrand


Everything is a lie.

Sam has spent the last six months sorting through plots against the people she cares for most. Learning who to trust—and who to kill. And just when she thought she had it all figured out, the good guys separated from the bad, her world is upended.

Ea’s vessel has been revealed.

The equinox is coming.

Sam knows it’s up to her to stop what’s coming—and who is bringing it. If she doesn’t, the goddess inside her will take over, erasing what’s left of Sam’s sense of self. In fact, Hina’s already struggling for dominance.

But how can Sam possibly battle evil itself when her heartbreak is so great she can’t even heal Alex when he needs her most? Sam needs time. And time is the one thing she doesn’t have.

Alex is struggling to heal and to help Sam stay grounded. But he’s got his own mystery to solve. A secret about himself and his past that he doesn’t even know exists. Together, they’ll battle demons inside and out.

Alex isn’t who he thinks he is. Sam isn’t the only one who was chosen.

Book 5 in the edge-of-your-seat Heart Lines Series from Heather Hildenbrand.



 ***I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.***

Another great book from the amazing Heather Hildenbrand. This is one of those books that you will not want to set down once you start reading so prepare to be smitten with Alex and Sam once again.

I am so in love with this series! Ugh finally Alex and Sam are back together and yet they somehow get some alone time in. Ugh (heart fluttering). Then they have the go go go parts which is most of this book as there is not much time before the equinox. OMG! The ending was great not a huge cliff hanger per say, but you still want to know what will happen next!

If you have not started the Heart Lines Series yet, I highly recommend you start it now! Don’t tell Heather but I like this series more than the Dirty Blood Series.


Rating: 5/5



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