Review: Inheritance by Heather Hildenbrand

Inheritance (Heart Lines#2) is now available!

You either use magic or it uses you…

Sam has regained her memory—and
with it, the Knowing. There is magic inside her; strong, powerful and old as
the Earth, it is more than enough to heal the sick werewolves. If only she
could figure out how to use it.

Alex Channing has finally done
something selfless and walked away. For the first time ever, his reasons are
not about his own interests. He knows full well Sam is the only one who can
heal him. But Alex knows better than anyone: magic always comes with a price. And
he refuses to let Sam get hurt because of him. He’d rather die than cause her
pain—and he plans to do just that. The more rabid werewolves he can take with
him, the better.

With Alex’s days numbered and
more and more feral werewolves being drawn to Sam, she must learn to wield
what’s inside her and claim her inheritance. Before it’s too late.

Inheritance (Heart Lines #2) available now!

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***I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review***

This book was a great follow up! Alex finally gets his shit together and goes to protect Sam! However, Sam tried not to make it so easy, but we might as well say she is weak at the knees when it comes to Alex.

The main story line of book 2 is Sam trying to find her power and Alex getting healed before he dies. Sam does everything in her power to find the power within her to heal Alex. Now we already know from book 1 that Alex doesn’t want her to heal him and that is why he left. In this book, you find out why Alex doesn’t want her to heal him and it is quite a shocker. I wonder if it explains their connection… maybe we see more in book 3.

Indra…. don’t even get me started on her. We only see a glimpse of her in book 1 and from that moment, I thought something was off. Well you will see more of her in book 2 and I will let you determine if you like her or if you think something is weird.

Well this book was great! I thoroughly enjoy Heather Hildenbrands books, but this series might be my favorite! Even though book 2 left me mad at Alex again since he seemed to flip a switch and went back to his old ways. However, I think it might be worse than ever. I am not giving anything away as i want you to read the book and enjoy the series as much as I do!


Rating: 5/5

To celebrate, Heather is offering a lucky winner an e-ARC of Esperance, book 3, coming April 27, 2017!


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