Review: Naughty by Nature by Addison Moore


*A SEXY standalone romantic comedy*

One look from Jax Stade promises to land even the nicest girl onto the naughty list.
Jax and I used to be best friends right up until he broke my heart. Everyone knows that both Jax and his overinflated ego are well beyond naughty—that face, those eyes, don’t get me started on that body made of steel. Every last part of me is bent on revenge. I’ll make sure payback is hell for Jax. I just hope I don’t end up getting my heart crushed by him twice in one lifetime.

Jax and I were inseparable growing up—since then our careers buffered us, but our mothers are still very much best friends. They’ve spent their whole lives trying to push us together—not to mention humiliating us by way of popping up at dances and doing the Macarena, showing up at football games wearing little more than curlers and bathrobes. Mortifying us to their own delight was their specialty. That might be ancient history, but we still bear the scars. So, when I pop back into town, Jax and I devise a scheme of our own to prank the pranksters. We’ll pretend we’re the real deal, right up until the day of our mothers’ shared big birthday bash, and then we’ll pull the pin on this faux-couples grenade.

Not only will we get even with our meddlesome mothers, but I’ll get to exact a little revenge on the boy who split my heart in two. Yes, I will most certainly get even—and just maybe a little bit naughty.
With Jax Stade around, naughty is inevitable.

*A SEXY standalone romantic comedy by New York Times bestselling author Addison Moore*

(A friends to lovers romance)



This book was as sexy and as steamy as the cover is. One look at this cover and I wanted to jump into bed with Jax!

I absolutely love how the story unfolds… Two friends who grew up together, torn apart by feelings they never wanted to admit to the other, and then only to be brought back together to reveal their undying love to one another. Throughout the book, you get to read from Jax’s and Poppy’s point of view. I don’t always care for this style of writing, but I really liked how Addison Moore portrayed both characters and made you fall in love with the both of them.

After reading 50% of the book, I just wanted to shake both Jax and Poppy for being so stubborn and not telling each other how they really felt about the other. First it was in Middle school, then High School, and then once again for their parents 50th birthday party. Stubborn should be both their middle names as it took way too long for the other to admit.

I feel there have been people in this situation where parents try to force their friends children together, but I don’t think it always turns out this way due to the children rebelling. This was a great book and I would recommend this to anyone who has had a fantasy or dream about being with their best friend. We all know it those dreams or fantasies happen at one point or another.


Rating: 5/5


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