Review: Hide (Lakefield Series, Book 2) by Jennifer Vester

Blurb: It was inevitable that Julia would run into Holden Saunders again. The one person she dreaded seeing and wanted to see the most. He was still as gorgeous as the first time they had met. Muscular, tall, with his golden brown eyes that said more than what he spoke. They're opposites in so many ways.... Continue Reading →


Review: Stargaze (Half Light, Book 2) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Blurb: Nothing is as it seems. Rachel’s entire life has changed in a blink of an eye. Betrayed by everyone she believed she could trust, the one shining light in all the chaos is the intensity of her growing bond with Noah. Noah is on a ship hurdling through space. That reality should be the... Continue Reading →

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